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We at Python Paintball aim to deliver the highest quality aftermarket paintball products. We have decided to temporarily take down our web site in an effort to make significant upgrades and improvements which we believe will improve our overall customer experience and help us deliver at our highest potential. Our focus on the Python Compression System, The Helix A5 Hopper Adapter, and our one of a kind aluminum elbow continues and all products will be avaialbe for order through PayPal directly. Please check back for updates.

The Helix – A5 / X7 Feed Neck

With The Helix you can maximize the performance of you Tippmann A5 or X7. Using the Helix will enable higher rates of fire using electromechanical hoppers, increase air efficiency without the Cyclone Feed, and minimize your exposed profile all while continuing to use the most customizable paintball marker available. For more information please check out

Python Compression System

Python Paintball’s Compression System is a one of a kind barrel system which turns any barrel into a high performance barrel kit. Simply screw the precision engineered connector into your marker, insert the correct sized sleeve, and screw the barrel of your choice into the connector for a paintball compression zone to put your balls on target. Every Python Compression System come with a Pyton Compression Connector to fit you paintball marker and 4 or 6 sleeves all in a compact case. Our compression system is made in the USA from high quality aircraft grade aluminum. Each sleeve is anodized a different color and engraved with its bore size. Why use a barrel kit that requires the use of a single barrel. Instead turn the barrel of your choice into an even better barrel kit with the Python Compression System.
4 Piece Kit
6 Piece Kit

Aluminum Elbow

All aluminum 45 degree elbow. NO more breaking plastic elbows and dropping hoppers. This aluminum elbow will securely hold your hopper and virtually eliminate the need to ever buy another elbow again.

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